Storage & Handling

  • "Aerolite" Ceiling Systems are supplied in neatly packed cartons.
  • Store cartons flat in a dry location.
  • Handle cartons and individual tiles with care.
  • Do not drop or stand cartons or tiles on edges or corners.
  • Open cartons completely using both hands, remove tiles in pairs with faces together.


Always follow recommended installation procedure to ensure aesthetics and performance. Ensure the following before installation of the Aerolite ceiling system.

  • The area is dry prior to ceiling installation work.
  • All wet trades are completed such as plastering, flooring, etc.
  • Air conditioning duckwork is completed.
  • Electrical chasing or drawing lines, etc. are in place.
  • No unauthorized weight is put on ceiling. Lighting fixtures to be suspended independently.
  • The laying of ceiling tiles in the gridwork is recommended to be done as the last work before completion of interiors.


"Aerolite" ceiling can be re-painted. Repainting may affect the acoustical performance of the ceiling tile. We recommend using a standard dispersion type emulsion.